dimanche 21 août 2011

Home sweet home

Aujoud'hui j'ose vous faire partager mes petits coins de paradis .... Chaque jour tout change, se transforme, évolue au gré de mes humeurs ou de mon inspiration j'attends vos commentaires avec impatience, merci à tous ceux qui m'encouragent et apprécient ce petit blog.

6 commentaires:

  1. I enjoyed your collections...so creative, the miniature portraits on the wire insert of the door...very lovely!

  2. Gorgeous so many stories wherever you look, did I spy a Tord Boontje lamp in there.
    Love it and thakyou for sharing...

  3. Ok Nance! I also love the miniature paintings on the door! I love the mixture of busts, urns and books!

  4. I love your treasures and the way you place them. And, of course, if they're being moved around, you get a completely new look to a room! Thank you for sharing.


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